Sensing the City: Young People and Regeneration in London

“Cities are forever changing but who is the change for? How do young people feel about the regeneration of their neighbourhoods? How can we ensure young residents have a voice and are heard in critical planning decisions that affect their lives and their communities?” 

An experimental collaborative project with the University College London (Performance Lab), The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, Pempeople and The Ubele Initiative. Screened as part of the London Design Festival and Southwark South Design District, this video was the result of a series of on-line open-call participatory workshops with young people from Peckham and Brixton, centred on the theme of regeneration and housing within South London.

Lead and facilitated in parts by poet and performance artist Kat François and myself, we experimented with poetry, spoken word, digital storytelling and creative mobile media/filmmaking in an attempt to explore new ways of amplifying voices and challenging current participatory design methods.

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