Did We Leave The Lights On

What is the price of creativity in 2019? And can everyone afford it? Shot entirely on a mini DV camcorder and using candid voice notes as commentary, Southwark-born artist and director Daniel Oduntan ponders the issue of practice and sustainability for low-income artists in a post-Brexit world. In the film, Oduntan explores the link between social housing and creativity among the diaspora in Southwark and surrounding parts of London. The role these communal spaces play in the arts and how the arts can be a path to healing and progress for residents. Will the falling numbers of affordable homes bring an end to this creativity? If so, what will take its place?

We hear from several Southwark residents, many of whom are from working class backgrounds and live in council housing. There’s photographer and illustrator Harry Alemu, product designer and creative technologist Alex Fefegha, artist/songwriter Joy Crookes, Tate assistant curator Peju Oshin, Pempeople founder Nicholas Okwulu, sociology grad Saffon and IT teacher and social advisor Moses Alemu.

Layered with an original soundtrack of unfinished demos and sketched ideas, ‘Did We Leave the Lights On?’ is a snapshot of Southwark now and a prologue to Oduntan’s forthcoming photography project Soul Complex 2010—2012.– Amar Patel

UK-2019 Dir Daniel Oduntan 15min Mini DVFeaturingDaniel Oduntan Harry Alemu Alex Fefegha Joy Crookes Saffon Nicholas Okwulu Moses Alemu Peju Oshin

Score This Distance Between Us Did We Leave The Lights On Boy [Tales Of Brave Ulysses] Red Don't Let The NightAll songs written and performed by Daniel Oduntan

Mixed and mastered by Ben Hixon Album art design by Euphemia Franklin Neon artwork by 2inspire and Dwane Coleman